Summer Group Exercise Launch Held July 23-24


The Lifetime Wellness Center’s Summer Group Exercise Launch was held July 23 and 24 and was well-attended by members. The center offers a large variety of group exercise classes, including several aquatics sessions held in the lap and therapy pools.

Aquatics classes include: Deep Water, Twinges in the Hinges Arthritis Class, and Aquacise.
According to Colleen Hawkins, MS, LWC Director of Programs, the benefits of aquatic exercise include reducing weight-bearing stress, allowing greater ease of movement with less impact on joints and muscles, improving fitness while maintaining health and restoring vitality, keeping the body cool during vigorous exercise, burning extra calories due to water’s resistance, and improving circulation due to the water’s hydrostatic pressure.

Classes taught upstairs in the aerobics studio include: Forever Young Strength and Conditioning, Yoga/Tai Chi, Movers & Shakers, Group Active®, Ripped, Power Step, Kickboxing, Core and More, Group Centergy™, Zumba Fitness, Revolution, and TRX.

All classes utilize music to coordinate movement and thus enhance the participants’ enjoyment. Style and tempo of music is dependent upon the type of class and the primary population being served in the class.

Members who have not tried a group exercise class are encouraged to explore this very effective form of exercise that delivers maximum health benefits in a condensed period of time. Group exercise schedules are available in the front lobby, on the fitness floor, and in the membership sales office.

Colleen Hawkins, MS, Director of Programs, teaches Power Step during the Summer Group Exercise Launch.
Shirleen Sult, Senior Advisor, teaches one of the aquatics classes during the Summer Group Exercise Launch.

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