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The Lifetime Wellness Center offers quality personal training to people of all ages, skill level, and finances. No matter what your goal is we have a personal trainer and package that will help you reach it!

What is a Personal Trainer? A personal trainer is someone that has been certified as an exercise specialist. They know how to progress their clients from point A to point B in an effective and most importantly safe manner. They will design and guide you through your workouts and give you the motivation that you may be lacking. You can always count on your trainer to be on time and ready.

Who would benefit from a personal trainer? The answer is anyone that is starting out on their own journey to achieve a fitness goal. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how beginner or advanced, or what type of shape you are in now. Anyone will benefit from a well organized and effective workout designed by our personal trainers. Whether you are looking to just get back into exercise and lose a few pounds, or run a 5k, or increase your overall strength. We have the trainers for you.



Sessions Time Member Price Non-Member Price
1 1hour $45 $60
4* 1hour $99 $120
5 1hour $190 $250
10 1hour $335 $435
15 1hour $450 $575

*Only available for 1st Time clients


Sessions Time Member Price Non-Member Price
1 1 hour $75 $98
5 1 hour $280 $380
 10 1 hour $500 $675
15 1 hour $650 $880


Our Trainers (All Trainer CPR/AED Certified) 


Cody Harris, CPT/Fitness Supervisor

Education and Qualifications: B.S. Exercise, Sport & Health Education, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Patricia Crvich, CPT/FitPro

Education and Qualifications: Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Zumba Instructor, Former CNA


Fred Hash, CPT/FitPro/Instructor

Education and Qualifications: A.A.S., Business Administration, Nautilus Certified Personal Trainer, American Muscle & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, NGA- Master Trainer, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Zumba Instructor


David Hoffman, CPT

Education and Qualifications: B.S., Major: Psychology; Minor: Early Childhood Education, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer


Deana Landers, CPT/FitPro/Instructor

Education and Qualifications: B.S., Health Education, WITS Certified Personal Trainer, Retired RN 


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